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Daily Life Oat Meal Flakes Apple Pie

Daily Life Oat Meal Flakes Apple Pie

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Oat flakes flavored and with sweetener
 Of all cereals, oats hold the record as the richest food in proteins, with high biological value, and fatty substances, including the essential linoleic acid.
 The soluble fiber content is also excellent, making oats an ideal food to appease the appetite, regulate intestinal function, normalize body weight and promote lowering of cholesterol levels. The complex carbohydrates provided by oat flakes are rich in starches which provide an excellent source of energy, particularly useful for those who want to increase muscle mass or for those who need a higher energy intake; moreover, there is an almost total absence of sugars, this translates into a low and unchanged glycemic index.
 OatMeal Flakes is a product obtained by cleaning and steaming the kernels (seeds) of avena sativa to soften the semolina and make it workable. The grain is subjected to high pressures and finally toasted to dehydrate and stabilize the structure of the flake; thanks to the tasty flavorings, oat flakes become the ideal solution for your breakfast - delicious with cold or warm milk and excellent cooked - perfect for baked goods and in the most diverse culinary inventions.
 Net weight 1 Kg
  • Dietry Requirements

    * Vegan * Dairy Free * Lactose Free
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