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Smartshake EcoBottle White 650 mL

Smartshake EcoBottle White 650 mL

SKU: 7350057186060
✓ Eco Materials, sugar cane and natural cork
✓ Made with Renewable Energy In Sweden
✓ Carbon Negative Footprint
✓ BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
✓ Lightweight only 75 grams / 0.165 lbs
Don’t let your style get in the way of caring for the environment. This is a simple water bottle, great for bringing to the gym or the office. But it’s also a stylish, eco-friendly fashion statement. Make your workout a part of a more conscious lifestyle.
Made in Sweden where the factory primarily operates on renewable energy, the EcoBottle 650 is composed of 98% sugar cane bio mass waste with a natural cork top and is carbon negative in production.
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