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why nature low carb grissini natural 30g

why nature low carb grissini natural 30g

SKU: 970517645
The protein breadsticks from the Low Carb WHYnature line are a food with 40% protein, without palm oil and gluten-free, with a high fiber content.
Prepared with certified quality ingredients, WHYnature protein breadsticks contain less than 1 gram of sugars per portion. In the composition we use proteins rich in amino acids with high biological value such as fresh egg whites, milk proteins and extra virgin olive oil for all the nutritional values it contains.
The protein breadsticks from the Low Carb WHYnature line, convenient to carry with you thanks to the freshness-saving sachets, are ideal for a quick and simple protein snack throughout the day. They are also recommended, as a substitute for bread, for those who wish to increase their daily protein intake and for those who follow a high-protein diet.
Crunchy, tasty and rich in proteins to accompany a meal without sacrificing taste. They are the ideal solution to replace bread during a diet.
AVERAGE INGREDIENTS: wheat fiber (deglutinated); isolated soy protein (NO GMO); extra virgin olive oil (10%); hydrolyzed collagen (edible gelatine); egg whites ; vegetable fibres; powdered egg white ; milk 's proteins ; sunflower oil; thickener (locust bean flour); leavening agents (diphosphates, sodium carbonates, ammonium bicarbonate, corn starch); salt; emulsifier ( soya lecithin ); antioxidant (alpha-tocopherol). GLUTEN FREE.
NB: the nutritional values and aromas contained in the ingredients vary depending on the flavor chosen.
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