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Anesi Silhouette Slim & Go, 150ml

Anesi Silhouette Slim & Go, 150ml

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LIM & GO A new way to take care of your body. Each tube has 2 padded massage-roller balls that allow the application of the cream while stimulating circulation and improving the texture of the skin.

Thermoactive stimulating cream with guarana and caffeine that provides a feeling of heat and promotes circulation to help reduce localized fat and fight cellulite. Tube fitted with padded massage balls which increases the absorption and effectiveness of the product.

Discover the Anesi Lab Institute Silhouette cosmeceutical range. Step 1 of your slimming, draining and firming treatment. Apply the Slim & Go Cream during the first 3 weeks of treatment, continue for the following 3 weeks with the application of the Body Salt Cream, then for the last 3 weeks with the Firm & Go Cream. Then maintain the results of your cure by applying Body Salt Silhouette Cream in the morning and / or evening

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