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Bounty Protein Bar 52g

Bounty Protein Bar 52g

SKU: 5056357903834
Tastes almost like a regular Bounty
18.7g of protein from whey and milk protein
Rich in essential amino acids
Perfect snack for dieters
Due to the success of their previous high protein bars the Mars Protein Bar and Snickers Protein Bar, Mars has now brought out a high protein version of their popular chocolate coconut treat Bounty.
Great macros
The Bounty Protein Bar has better macros and protein compared to the Mars and Snickers protein bars. Bounty Protein Bars use a protein blend of milk and whey protein. Each of these two protein sources contains a fuller complement of essential amino acids which are important for athletes seeking to boost their muscle recovery rates.
Each Bounty bar has a good 18.7g of protein while containing 192 calories, making them a great snack to enjoy while following a diet program such as WeightWatchers or Slimming World.
What is it like in comparison to the real thing?
Firstly, the bar is whole and not split in two like the regular version. The taste and texture is very very similar to a real Bounty Bar, with it just being a little bit more firmer. If you do enjoy the taste of a chocolate coconut bar but want something high in protein then the Bounty Protein Bar will deliver.
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