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Damhert Lactose Free Praline Bars Gluten Free

Damhert Lactose Free Praline Bars Gluten Free

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A super combination of hazelnuts and chocolate, and that without lactose and gluten.
lactose-free* dry MILK product (19%), HAZELNUTS (15%), cocoa butter, polydextrose syrup (filler: polydextrose; water), glucose syrup, dry glucose syrup, dextrose (7.3%), rice starch, cocoa mass, humectant: glycerine; BUTTERfat*; HAZELNUT paste, deoiled cocoa powder, salt, emulsifier: lecithin (SOY), flavours. *less than 0,1 g lactose/100 g of product, also gluten free MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF EGG, SESAME, ALMOND AND CASHEW NUTS
Use and Conservation
Use:        -
Conservation:        Keep at room temperature
  • Dietry Requirements

    * Gluten Free * Lactose Free
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