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IronMaxx Protein Chips Thai Sweet Chili 50g

IronMaxx Protein Chips Thai Sweet Chili 50g

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IronMaxx Protein Chips Thai Sweet Chili 40 from IronMaxx® now offer you pure chip enjoyment with a new taste – without regrets – but with 20 g protein per bag of Protein Chips 40 – and they are also rich in fiber! Among other things with the strength of tapioca, from the roots of manioc, which was already cultivated by the Mayans. Tapioca is also well tolerated.
IronMaxx Protein Chips Thai Sweet Chili  is a dream for many chip and snack lovers, especially as an athlete: sin without a guilty conscience! IronMaxx® made this dream come true: The protein chips are baked – not deep-fried and, thanks to their balanced, healthy recipe with a protein content of 40%, provide a total of 20 g of the best soy protein per bag of chips. The protein-rich chips are low in sugar and high in fiber. Compared to conventional, deep-fried potato chips, they are up to 70% below their fat content!
Of course, even “healthy” protein chips are no substitute for a balanced diet. But with the protein chips, “snacking” is no longer part of your “Cheat Day”. The protein chips even help you meet your daily protein needs! Healthy & delicious! And that in the proven, high quality of our products. For these standards, IronMaxx® was awarded the State Prize of Honor for excellent food quality by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
Product highlights:
Protein Chips 40 – the advantages at a glance:
Protein chips with 40% protein content
Low in sugar (less than 3%)
reduced fat compared to conventional chips
high protein content – 20g protein per bag of chips
High in fibre
SOY protein concentrate (56%), tapioca starch, potato starch, sunflower oil, gum arabicum, SOY fiber, natural flavor, red paprika powder, salt, basil (dried), garlic powder, potato flakes, cayenne pepper, emulsifier (lecithins (SOY), sweetener (sucralose).
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