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Non-Contact Thermometer Dr.Lucas

Non-Contact Thermometer Dr.Lucas

SKU: 5901299914960
This thermometer features temperature measurement both for the body and also the surface of the different materials. It has alarm with different back light colors when temperature is abnormal. This device needs only 1 second to finish the measurement and shows the result on the LCD. Even with the baby who can easily be annoyed by any concentration over 1 second, he will never notice that his temperature already measured with the help of this thermometer.
? 34 records of temperature data
? 3 different back light color (Green, Orange, Red)
? 1 second to show the measurement results
? 5-15cm distance of the measurement
? big LCD display: 30 x 30 [mm]
? 2 temperature measurement modes: human body and surface of the different materials
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