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QNT Actif L-Carnitine 2000 Mg  Cranberry-Lemon 700 ml

QNT Actif L-Carnitine 2000 Mg Cranberry-Lemon 700 ml

SKU: 5425002406950
Rehydrate and help your body use fat to produce energy with L-CARNITINE 2000! This super refreshing drink contains 2000 mg of this extremely important nutrient in energy metabolism. It is perfect for all athletes, either the ones that train casually and the dedicated or hardcore ones.
L-Carnitine 2000 is a sugar-free formula
L-CARNITINE 2000 does not contain any sugar in its formula. It is a zero-calorie drink that is ideal to integrate into a low calorie slimming diet, coupled with an exercise program or a sport that will fully take advantage of its many beneficial properties.
The effects of L-Carnitine 2000
Carnitine is an amino acid derivative naturally found in most body cells, including muscle cells. For this reason, despite the fact that the body produces it naturally, athletes have a greater need for l-carnitine than others.
But how does this particular substance act? Carnitine allows the fatty acids carried by the blood to penetrate the muscle cells and the mitochondria, which are the cells that transform fat into energy. As a result, it prevents fatty acids from being stored into the fat deposits of the body.
L-Carnitine 2000 is for all athletes
L-CARNITINE 2000 gives you 2000 mg of carnitine per bottle, enough to take advantage of the beneficial effects of this super effective substance. Whether you practice a sport casually in addition to a low calorie diet to burn some excess calories, or you are an athlete training intensely and want to optimize your results, L-CARNITINE 2000 is an ideal drink to integrate into your daily routine. One bottle a day during the effort or during the day will allow you to see the difference!
  • Dietry Requirements

    * Sugar Free
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