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QNT Protein Joy crunchie chocolate cookie, 60g

QNT Protein Joy crunchie chocolate cookie, 60g

SKU: 5425002409470
Discover the most delectable protein bar on the market. PROTEIN JOY is a real chocolatey delight that will satisfy your taste buds while providing you with a very high quantity of proteins. In addition, the best characteristic of this bar is it's particularly low sugar content. Because of its convenient size, you can take them with you everywhere. PROTEIN JOY’s three positively delicious flavours will entice you with just one bite.
You'll be surprised to discover just how great tasting a protein bar can be! Great for your body, you can enjoy it without any guilt. Let yourself be enticed by our PROTEIN JOY who works in perfect harmony with your weight loss program while rich in protein to aid in muscle tone.
PROTEIN JOY provides up to 38% of high quality protein per bar! Thanks to this healthy treat, you will no longer have any difficulty nourishing your muscles after an intense workout or throughout the day. Guaranteeing a high quality protein intake with just a few scrumptious bites!
Every athlete who works hard needs to supply their muscles with a high protein intake in order to sustain their maintenance and development. This is because muscle fibres are damaged during exercise and need protein to repair and rebuild damaged muscles at the same as strengthening and gaining mass. If you spend most of your time desk-bound, protein will help keep your muscles firm.
PROTEIN JOY bars contain only 2.2 g of sugar! This makes them optimal for any diet program which limits sugar. You can benefit from the protein content of this delicious bar, without worrying about the sugar. Always dreamt of enjoying a snack without feeling any guilt? Now it is possible!
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