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Dragon Matcha Powder 100g

Dragon Matcha Powder 100g

SKU: 3800225476188
Dragon Superfoods Matcha is a premium (Grade A) green tea powder. The plant (Camellia sinensis) is shade-grown for a period of 30 days before its young leaves are carefully destemmed and finely ground. This traditional processing method preserves the beneficial nutrients of the plant. The deep green tea taste makes our matcha powder a great addition to your smoothie, latte, savory sauce or pastry.
Suggested use: 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 g) per day.
Ingredients: organic matcha powder Grade A (100%).
Keep in a cool and dry place.
Organic certification of the product by BG-BIO-22
  • Dietry Requirements

    * Gluten Free
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