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Health Aid Coliprobio 30 billion vcaps 30's

Health Aid Coliprobio 30 billion vcaps 30's

SKU: 5019781012824
HealthAid Coliprobio combines the nine most researched live probiotic strains easily accessible for people who need stronger support for intestinal and digestive health. The Probiotic blend in coliprobio is a combination of lactic acid-producing bacteria such as lactobacillus, enterococcus, streptococcus and bifidobacterium. Owing to their bactericidal and antiproliferative effects against pathogens, they primarily help regulate intestinal functions. Secondly, they also have a stimulating effect on immunity. The formula includes the powerful strains L.Rhamnosus and Plantarum well studied to help reduce the severity of complaints such as diarrhoea, cramping, and bloating usually associated with deep flora imbalance. Coliprobio has the added benefits of FOS acting as a prebiotic to help the proliferation of good gut bacteria.
A pack that contains 30 vegetarian capsules each
Support for intestinal & digestive health
May provide relief against intestinal discomfort and bloating
Works as a Prebiotic to support the proliferation of good gut bacteria
Reduce intestinal inflammation
Normalize and maintain healthy bowel functions
Improve absorption and assimilation of nutrients
Reduce the pathogen bacteria and yeasts in the gut and balance intestinal pH
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