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M&M’s Chocolate Protein Bar 51g

M&M’s Chocolate Protein Bar 51g

SKU: 5056357901427

Are you a serious snacker and gym enthusiast? Well, get ready for this exciting news! Mars has launched the ultimate high-protein bar, featuring mini Chocolate M&M's, milk chocolate chunks, and nougat. Yes, it's the Mars Hi-Protein M&M's Chocolate protein bar!

This bar takes protein snacks to a new level, offering a delicious blend of Mars Chocolate and protein. It's packed with protein, lower in sugar, and still delivers the classic Mars caramel and milk chocolate goodness, along with mini M&M's.

Key Features of the M&M's Protein Chocolate Bar:

  • Loaded with actual mini M&M's made by Mars.
  • Provides a substantial 15g of protein.
  • Contains 10g less sugar than a serving of regular M&M's.
  • Offers 3 times more protein than a serving of regular M&M's candies.
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